The travel community in the Metaverse

Welcome to the first travel to earn community.
Start your journey and fill your Passport.

Travel to earn (TTE)

When you travel in the real world, you will be able to mint an NFT of the destination on Solana.
You will be able to see them in your Passport, that will be updated with every new place you visit.

Our vision

You will be able to collect and take with you all your travel NFTs, no matter where you book. We are creating this future across the entire travel ecosystem.
These will be the best travel souvenirs ever.
To collect all your trips, all your life.


This is our travel itinerary. We are open to improve it with your ideas, so let us know them on our Discord community.

0. Your Passport in the Metaverse

Passport: We will build The Passport, where you will be able to collect all your NFT destinations.
  • To get your Passport you will only have to connect your wallet
  • You will have a passport for all your life
  • Your Passport will have levels, and you will level up as you visit more destinations
Your goal will be to complete your passport. As you accumulate destinations, you will level up and unlock new passport designs.
Community: We will build together the first travel community of the Metaverse in our Discord channel. There we will tell everything before anywhere else. Join now and be the first to discover everything and make decisions with us.
Launch: now available.

1. Metaverse Crew

Sale of the 7,777 crew members. They will run the ships.
  • Airdrop of 5 destinations to choose
  • Free mint of NFT destinations forever
  • A multiplier in the destinations rarity
  • Floor price in future collections
  • The first holder to visit each destination will become a co-owner. They will have economic rights on all future mints in that destination.
They will always be the first. Run... or fly.
Launch: Feb 2022.

2. Fill your Passport

There are two ways to mint NFT destinations:
  • Traveling (travel to earn)
  • Completing missions
Travel to earn When you visit a destination you will be able to mint it and earn your collectible NFT. You will only be able to get a NFT destination when you are physically at the destination through geolocation. This will be free forever for the Metaverse Crew.
  • The number of available destinations will increase continuously, until we have the whole world!
  • Each year the style of the collection will vary, so you can have your trips differentiated for each year.
  • On special dates and events, we will launch exclusive collections.
  • All the destinations will have their rarity (check below).
Missions When you are not traveling you will also have the opportunity to continue filling your Passport. Let's travel through the Metaverse.
Launch: Mar 2022.


Thanks to Travel To Earn, the destinations will be distributed in a realistic way. There will be more of the popular ones that everyone visits, and others will be difficult to see.
Moreover, destinations will also have their rarity:
  • Common - 50%
  • Uncommon - 35%
  • Rare - 12%
  • Epic - 3%
We will also change the collection every year, mimicking the concept of season in video games. At the end of the year, the collection will be closed. This will also give more value to the early travelers, because there will be fewer and then those NFTs will be more limited.
Colletion rarity sample

Trabel Team

6 years ago we created Airhopping. The flight search engine that allows you to travel to various destinations for the price of a round trip.
Now we want to change the industry from the inside.
We already know how to create a travel platform.
Let’s move it to the Metaverse.
The Engineer Charlie
Product Manager
The Controller Itzi
Community Curator
The Dev Gonz
Lead Developer
The Artist Judi
Awesome Artist
The Magician Fran
Fullstack Dev